What are the latest innovations in addiction recovery?

Approximately 10% of the world’s population is affected by addiction or substance use, making it a leading cause of ill health, disability, depression, and even dementia affecting 50 million people globally. Many healthcare technology players have leveraged this opportunity to expand the reach and improve treatment access with virtual care apps to help providers, clinicians, and individual practitioners offer patient-centered solutions for managing addiction. While COVID-19 has helped break down regulatory, financial, and behavioral barriers to allow virtual care to integrate into our health care system and meet patients’ needs right where they are.

Rehabilitation centers to embrace virtual care apps

Approximately 255 million people suffer from substance abuse, and worldwide we spend roughly $100 billion on addiction treatments. In many cases, additions stem from underlying psychological conditions. With in-patient treatment, we address the immediate needs of the patient. There are layers to a patient’s recovery, and that is where telehealth shines because the approach is holistic and encompasses ongoing patient needs. Utilizing both modalities offers the best approach and raises the chances a patient succeeds in recovery.

Telehealth offers practitioners the opportunity to meet with patients virtually and for the entire care team to stay connected to the patient as they experience the ups and downs of daily life. That ongoing connection to your care team and a community of other patients creates a smooth transition from in-patient to out-patient care that has been missing for so many in recovery.

NuLife Virtual is one such platform that works with rehab centers, hospitals, and yoga centers to deliver care on the go and to connect with patients virtually anywhere at any time, and enhance user experiences.

Addiction recovery treatment to increase the use of Telehealth App

In many countries, improper use or overdose of certain medications and drugs like opioids can compound the struggle for long-term sobriety.

NuLife Virtual is a telehealth app built exclusively for the enterprise to the practitioner engaged in addiction treatment. This all-in-one, virtual care app helps modernize addiction recovery clinics and fills a gap in post-inpatient care.

Nowadays, providers need a HIPAA-compliant virtual care app that provides remote patient monitoring tools for addiction treatment centers.

Utilizing the telehealth app reduces administrative burdens like client intakes, scheduling, video conferencing, and payments, freeing practitioners to deliver patient care.

Addiction recovery treatment centers, individual practitioners, and private clinicians can benefit from this app, allowing their clients to explore medication-assisted treatment, addiction counseling, mental health therapy, toxicology screening, care coordination, assessments, and medication delivery. Users can also have access to their addiction treatment care team who understands their story and virtually meets with them at any time.