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We were looking for a customizable tech solution to extend our care past our campus. NuLife gave us the ability to design and build exactly what we wanted to fit our needs whereas others did not. NuLife allows us to stay connected to our community and to conduct our virtual sessions all within one ‘box.’ This virtual solution has only grown more important with COVID.

Jeremy Zacharias, VP of Strategy at All Points North

Is NuLife right for my practice?

If you’re passionate about…

  • Advancing the future of treatment by digitizing and scaling services
  • Building community and engagement
  • Improving outcomes for your patients
  • Winning referrals & contracts to boost your impact
  • Demonstrating measurable success metrics
  • Building trust, not transactions
  • Staying current and relevant
  • Discovering better screening and results
  • Becoming an integral component in changing people’s lives

Then NuLife is perfect for you.

Frequently Asked

How do I get the telehealth app?

The app can be downloaded here on the App store if you have an iPhone or iPad. If you have an Android phone or tablet, the NuLife virtual app can be found on the Google Play store here.

How does telehealth work on the app?
You can host individual and group virtual sessions on the app and online platform. Once you add your Zoom meeting link to your profile, every meeting you schedule will automatically include your meeting link so you can spend more time on what matters and less on administrative tasks.
Is the telehealth app HIPAA-compliant?
Yes! Protecting the privacy of our patients and their personal health information is a top priority for us.
Can I schedule in-person meetings on NuLife’s telehealth app?
Yes, both in-person and virtual meetings can be scheduled and will appear on your app calendar so you can easily keep track of your day’s to-dos.
Can I use NuLife on my computer or do I have to use my phone?
You can access your calendar and manage your meetings from both your computer and phone. Features like communities and messaging are accessible via the NuLife telehealth app.