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As a person-first innovative health tech platform, we make finding addiction recovery solutions simple and accessible.



We’re a platform
for people by people who care.

We care because we’ve been there. Our team is made of individuals who have firsthand experience with addiction and recovery, which is why we’re primed to help you find the right support— however it looks for you.

Recovery Professionals and Treatment Centers

People are suffering and don’t know where to turn, and current treatment modalities aren’t as effective as they could be. That’s where NuLife comes in.
As a comprehensive online recovery platform of practitioners and professionals, we’re committed to supporting you, no matter where you are in recovery. Whether you’re exploring what recovery can look like, you’ve just left treatment, or you’re on a long-term path to wellness — we’re here for you.

We’re here to help you heal because we believe every person can thrive.

What do you get when signing
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Community Support

Patent-first care

Opportunities to work with addiction recovery healthcare practitioners

Convenient virtual sessions

Start The JourneyMembers are always free to join.

Convenient virtual sessions

Personalized assessments

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Why We’re Proud to Invest

Pushing recovery into the virtual realm and building out the tech tools to scale it globally means that that supportive community can come from anywhere and is available around the clock. It means opening up access to treatment while driving down costs. ​

Jeremy Zacharias

Vice President – All Points North Lodge

NuLife allows us to stay connected to our community and to conduct our virtual sessions all within one “box”. This virtual solution has only grown more important with COVID. We share the goal of building the best solution to give our clients their best chance of success.


Nikki Munitz

Self-Development Consultant

Living in South Africa has allowed me the privilege to offer affordable telehealth to international clients at a fraction of the cost of what they would be having by seeing a therapist in their hometown. COVID-19 accelerated the move into the therapeutic digital age and now my local clients transitioned into the online space too. Now they have the option to see me face to face and most are choosing to remain online as they have realised the benefit of being in their own safe space while in a therapy session, as well as the saving of time without needing to travel to and from sessions – creating more relaxation and less stress. Therapy should be accessible and easily available to all and telehealth makes that possible.

Andre Redinger

Executive Director – Cedars Addiction Treatment Centre

The adoption of smart phones and mobile technology is very common of our network and that is where NuLife fits in so beautifully. There is a huge need for awareness of information and networking, I really feel we can achieve greater impact on our continent. Our clients are desperate to feel like a family, a part of a unit. The goal is reach and impact. Awareness is critical, within awareness and information lies success. This platform will assist us hugely.

Why NuLife Works…


Research shows the keys to successful recovery are long-term care, connection to a community and peers, and regular check-ins with a supportive healthcare team. As a person-centered community app, NuLife empowers individuals throughout the entire recovery journey to stay connected when they need support the most.


Unconditional Care

Care is in our DNA. We’re here to serve everyone in different ways, so we’ll never tell you what you should do or how you should live. Instead, we are here to help inspire you to define and take action on what’s best for you.


We provide support for people, not patients. Behavioral health is a multifaceted lifelong quest. NuLife is here to support your exploration of clinical and non-clinical resources.


Whatever background you come from or wherever you are in your recovery journey, we are here to support you. Everyone is welcome at NuLife.

Start The JourneyMembers are always free to join.

Frequently Asked

How do I get the app?
NuLife will provide ongoing support to all clients. Support includes telephone or email assistance in remedying situations and problems with the operation and performance of the platform. This support will be provided by a specialized Customer Success manager assigned to your account.
How much does the app cost?
The app is free! We believe support should be easily accessible for anyone seeking it. If you’re an Apple love you can download NuLife here and if you’re an Android aficionado this is your spot.
Can I invite my friends or family? Do they have to be in recovery too?
Of course, in fact we encourage it! Finding your support system, your circle, your tribe is integral to the journey and while we have features that can help you build your recovery circle, if you’ve already found them bring them along. Send them a shoutout here.
What can I do on the app?
At NuLife, our goal is to meet you where you are. Once you download the app, you’re welcome to explore the communities and events that your peers and our network have created. If you want to reconnect with a treatment center or find one, you can search for them in our enterprises and request to join their network. To get more involved, fill out your profile so other members can get to know you and pot on your feed or join some communities and events that match your interests. If you’re ready to dive right in, why not create a community around what you love or host an event? You can connect with members to message them directly. Take your journey at your own pace.
How is my privacy protected?
The NuLife platform and integrated Zoom functionality are compliant with all US health and security laws. We also offer features like a private account setting and nicknames so you can browse the platform anonymously. If you’re connected to a treatment center, your information is only available to approved members of the organization.
Is the app only for people in treatment or who’ve just left treatment?
Everyone’s journey to recovery is unique and no matter where you are, we’re here to support you. Whether you’re in recovery, actively in treatment, or curious about how to get started, we offer resources and support to help you build a NuLife.