Support Starts Now.

Experiencing addiction is hard enough.

Accessing help shouldn’t be.

We firmly believe that everyone
deserves wider access

To practitioners, less fragmented care, and access to a network of people who get it. In our eyes, that also includes the individuals who decide to step in as the support system to those in recovery.

This is why we created NuLife

As a person-first, tech-assisted recovery app, we serve anyone searching for treatment, solutions, and support.

Focused on improved outcomes through innovation and progressive approaches, and by working with the best-in-class providers, you can have peace of mind that your loved one is in caring, professional hands. Plus, you’ll have a community behind you — one that truly understands.

How we support you

  • A robust community of peers who are in your shoes
  • Access to resources and education focused on recovery and how to offer and receive support
  • Relatable stories of challenges and triumph in a safe and trusted environment/li>
  • Round-the-click access to people who have been where your loved one has been, a team of experts, and resources that support a holistic approach to recovery
  • Research-backed solutions to help you provide the attention and care your loved one needs as they navigate recovery

How we support them

  • Virtual 1:1 sessions with recovery experts and practitioners
  • Personalized, peer-reviewed content to supplement their recovery journey
  • Outcome assessments to ensure we’re serving them in the ways they need to succeed
  • Online community sessions and forums to provide peer support

People who grew on NuLife

Startup Health

Why We’re Proud to Invest

Pushing recovery into the virtual realm and building out the tech tools to scale it globally means that that supportive community can come from anywhere and is available around the clock. It means opening up access to treatment while driving down costs. ​

Jeremy Zacharias

Vice President – All Points North Lodge

NuLife allows us to stay connected to our community and to conduct our virtual sessions all within one “box”. This virtual solution has only grown more important with COVID. We share the goal of building the best solution to give our clients their best chance of success.


Nikki Munitz

Self-Development Consultant

Living in South Africa has allowed me the privilege to offer affordable telehealth to international clients at a fraction of the cost of what they would be having by seeing a therapist in their hometown. COVID-19 accelerated the move into the therapeutic digital age and now my local clients transitioned into the online space too. Now they have the option to see me face to face and most are choosing to remain online as they have realised the benefit of being in their own safe space while in a therapy session, as well as the saving of time without needing to travel to and from sessions – creating more relaxation and less stress. Therapy should be accessible and easily available to all and telehealth makes that possible.

Andre Redinger

Executive Director – Cedars Addiction Treatment Centre

The adoption of smart phones and mobile technology is very common of our network and that is where NuLife fits in so beautifully. There is a huge need for awareness of information and networking, I really feel we can achieve greater impact on our continent. Our clients are desperate to feel like a family, a part of a unit. The goal is reach and impact. Awareness is critical, within awareness and information lies success. This platform will assist us hugely.

Lifelong support in the palm of your hands

Behavioral health is multifaceted and the journey is a lifelong quest, which is why access to treatment doesn’t end when they “walk” out our doors. We’re committed to providing you and your loved ones the long-term support you need to live a truly free and connected life, even after the recovery journey.