Your business thrives when your employees thrive.

Almost one billion people worldwide are living with a mental illness or substance use disorder. Among the top reasons people don’t seek help? Stigma and lack of accessible care.

Break down these barriers with NuLife.

Does your employee wellness plan include sobriety support?

As a company that prioritizes the well-being of your people, you’ve made great strides to address burnout and workplace stress. But, there’s another mental health crisis that stigma would rather keep under wraps: addiction.

Did you know…

that alcohol and substance use disorders cost employers an estimated $81 billion annually? We share this, not because money is everything, but because it’s time we talk about addiction and its impact.

NuLife is a modern approach to addiction treatment, capturing the best of digital health and in-person therapy to deliver care that meets people where they are.

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We were looking for a customizable tech solution to extend our care past our campus. NuLife gave us the ability to design and build exactly what we wanted to fit our needs whereas others did not. NuLife allows us to stay connected to our community and to conduct our virtual sessions all within one ‘box.’ This virtual solution has only grown more important with COVID.

Jeremy Zacharias, VP of Strategy at All Points North

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