Here we will discuss the present and future of digital healthcare as it relates to behavioral health.

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What are the latest innovations in addiction recovery?

Approximately 10% of the world’s population is affected by addiction or substance use, making it a leading cause of ill health, disability, depression, and even dementia affecting 50 million people globally. Many healthcare technology players have leveraged this opportunity to expand the reach and improve treatment access with virtual care apps to help providers, clinicians, and individual practitioners offer patient-centered solutions for managing addiction.

What Does 2021 Hold for Virtual Care?

Michelle DaveyDec 9, 2020 Well, we’ve just about arrived at putting an end to 2020 — the year that nobody expected or wanted. I’ve written before about what it felt like when our new normal was suddenly forced upon us. One day it was business as usual, the...

10 Ways to Get Off the Couch

How therapy can be more than talking.  PUBLISHED BY PSYCHOLOGY TODAYDate: December 18, 2020Source: Robin D. Stone LMHC Today, more people are making psychotherapy a part of their self-care practice. In the same way, they have personal trainers, they are...

Step outside of the box and create a NuLife

Challenge the acute care model and be on the cutting-edge of addiction and recovery management. Focus on value-based outcomes when you offer a more holistic model for continuing care…for life!

Nulife Technology