Nulife Technology

Empowering Behavioral Health Enterprises to Improve Virtual Care Outcomes

A personalized, patient-centered solution for Behavioral Healthcare and Recovery enterprises, enabling mental health and addiction treatment specialists to expand reach and impact while effectively managing and growing Telehealth practice. 

Experiencing Addiction is hard enough –
Accessing Help Shouldn’t Be

You can deliver a multi-featured, mobile care APP that always meets people where they feel safe. Where they can make lasting life changes by having advanced tools and instant access to specialists in mental health and addiction treatment as well as a robust and supportive peer community ALL right from the palm of their hand. For life!

Address Client Retention Challenges with Consistent Points of Relevant Contact

People may cut short their treatment plan once they begin to feel better, without understanding why continuing care and continuity of care is so important to improved health.

With Nulife you can offer real time or periodic symptom assessments, pre-programmed reminders, and feedback specific to each patient.

Nulife Technology

Build Community and Connect People to Relevant and Powerful Stakeholders Where They Live

You get to leverage tech to create personalized community, conversation and connection. People will have round the clock access to community professionals and peers, and holistic care content at the touch of a button. For life!

Nulife Technology

Improve Outcomes

What differentiates the NuLife Virtual model is the belief that long-term recovery from addiction is tied to aspects of life that are beyond the reach of traditional treatment models.

The app will enhance connection by helping brick and mortar centers and their clients to form round the clock professional and peer community, seek round the clock care and support, and address social determinants of health all in the virtual world right from the palm of their hand on an app. For life!

Nulife Technology

Step outside of the box and create a NuLife

Challenge the acute care model and be on the cutting-edge of addiction and recovery management. Focus on value-based outcomes when you offer a more holistic model for continuing care…for life!

Nulife Technology

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Nulife Technology

Easy to Use

Clients and families can start enjoying the benefits immediately upon downloading the app. With all functionality integrated and accessible from a single intuitive APP interface, the NuLife Virtual platform enables an easy-to-use experience for the patient encounter, and a powerful back-end system that enables true integrated care delivery.


Achieve a new level of workflow efficiency and patient care. NuLife Virtual’s platform integrates seamlessly, allowing you to easily add successful virtual programming, groups, events into your existing treatment center – enhancing efficiency and patient engagement.

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