7 Best Sobriety Accounts to Follow On Instagram

Are you looking for the best sobriety accounts on Instagram? 

If you’re one to take up any excuse to have a drink, you probably know how hard it is to stay sober. In that case, you may be looking for ways or people who might be able to help. 

If you’re here, you recognize that you have a problem. Lucky for you, the first step to fixing a problem is to recognize that you have one. 

Don’t worry; you’re halfway there. You just need to hang in there and seek help as early as you possibly can.  

Learning how to be sober a decade ago was a lot different than it is now because a lot has changed. 

How Social Media Has Changed How We Seek Help Staying Sober 

A decade back, most alcoholics would seek help in rehabilitation centers and in support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. That’s because social media platforms weren’t as popular as they are today. 

Many alcoholics joined these support groups to talk about the problems they faced with habitual alcohol consumption and how difficult they found it to be sober.  

It is always easier to relate to someone facing the same problem because it gives you the reassurance that you’re not alone.  

Listening to someone else’s alcohol problems helps you feel better and motivates you to fix your own problems. 

In this day and age, you won’t find many support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. This is because, with the rise of social media use, it has become a lot easier to find online forums for discussion – all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

You don’t have to leave home to join support groups when you can access a virtual support group using your phone or computer.  

This isn’t the only way, however, to find individuals you can relate to. 

Social media platforms like Instagram have made it really easy for us to find people who are going through the same thing. There has been a significant rise in social media influencers who try to engage with their audiences actively. They do so by talking about similar experiences that viewers and followers can relate to. 

You’ll find all sorts of social media influencers on Instagram, like enthusiastic food bloggers and fitness influencers who devote their efforts to engaging with people who have a love for food and fitness, respectively.  

On the other hand, you’ll also find sobriety accounts that focus on sharing their own experiences with followers.  

A lot of people find it deeply personal to share their stories of alcohol addiction. However, some brave influencers don’t mind sharing their experiences if it helps start a conversation and encourages someone else to get sober. Contact us to know more about how you can stay sober.

Here are the 7 Best Sobriety Instagram Accounts  

  1. Russel Brand @RusselBrand  

As a comedian, writer, and social media influencer, Russel Brand has made his name in Hollywood by acting in a variety of movies, most of which are comedies. You may not know this, but the talented actor has a history of substance abuse but does not take any shame in talking actively and openly about it. 

He shared his personal experiences with the public in an effort to help anyone trying to stay sober and eliminate the stigma surrounding addiction. 

His history of substance abuse is well documented. In response to his drug and alcohol abuse, Brand believed 12 steps to overcoming alcohol and substance abuse. 

Brand is responsible for introducing an online recovery course called “Commune,” which elaborates a 12-step process to effectively overcome this rising alcohol abuse problem.  

As a proponent of yoga and meditation, Brand has incorporated these practices into his online recovery program. 

Having achieved considerable popularity, it wasn’t that hard for Brand to get his online course across the audiences, and he was able to gain around 1.2 million subscribers for his course “Commune.” 

2. Krissy Climbs @krissyclimbs  

With over 356000 followers worldwide, Krissy Climbs is a social media influencer who’s gaining a lot of popularity as more people appreciate her lifestyle choices. She’s helping a lot of her followers actively seek out ways to guide them towards sobriety. One way she does that is by emphasizing the importance of physical health and exercise. Her lifestyle approach seems appealing to much of her audiences, and she’s gaining quite a momentum as her followers try to adopt her ways. 

She shares her journey of seeking help for her mental health and feels it is equally important, if not more than physical wellbeing. 

She emphasizes how your mental well-being is an important aspect of your journey towards sobriety and encourages people to seek help. 

3. Sober Girl Society @sobergirlsociety  

This Instagram page has created an online community of women who share positive messages and stories of their journey towards sobriety. With a little over 136000 followers, this community seems to keep growing as more women feel encouraged to come forward and share their stories and journey towards sobriety. It is one of the best sobriety accounts on Instagram

4. Holly Whitaker @holly 144k 

We often look up to people who have gone through a similar experience as us and are doing better in life. Being a social media influencer requires you to bring certain credibility to your role. Then, your ability to influence someone or their actions makes you a good influencer.  

Holly Whitaker definitely seemed to bring credibility to her role as a social media influencer. She was the author of the book “Quit like a Woman” and was also the founder of a subscription-based recovery network called “Tempest,” which was previously known as” Hip Sobriety.” 

With over 95000 Instagram followers, which seemed to increase over time, her abstinence-based recovery network seemed to help a lot of people. Then, she was able to launch her website, “Tempest,” which was designed to help users explore their relationship with alcohol.  

Designed by experts, this website offers three tiers of membership. 

It gives its subscribers access to a 24/7 online private community where they can anonymously share personal experiences or problems they’ve faced with alcohol consumption. 

5. Annie Grace @thenakedmind  

Being the author of “This Naked Mind,” this young writer and social media influencer was able to gain 63000 Instagram followers for her distinct approach to tackling alcohol addiction. 

Also, having been a victim of alcohol abuse, she helped people walk the road to recovery by offering her own personal experience of dealing with addiction. She thought her way helped her get through this hard time and might end up helping some of her followers. 

Her book addresses the psychological and social struggles she had to face with alcohol abuse. She also shares her own methods on ways to avoid alcohol or limit its intake.  

She created “The Alcohol Experiment,” an experiment that involved avoiding alcohol for 30 days. According to her book, it wasn’t necessarily designed to abstain from it completely but offered assistance to help users control their alcohol consumption. 

6. Austin Cooper @soberevolution  

Austin started his Instagram page back in 2016, where he shared inspirational quotes and funny memes about sobriety and seemed to be attracting a lot of followers. People seemed to enjoy the fun undertone to the problem, and they connected with his idea of sobriety as well. 

It was only a matter of time before his Instagram page started gaining thousands of followers and his idea of Sober Evolution started becoming a brand. 

Cooper tried to take advantage of this opportunity by turning the popularity of his Instagram followers into a Sober Evolution brand and creating a website shortly afterward. 

He designed the Sober Evolution website to help people going through substance abuse addiction by linking his website to a variety of recovery programs. He also shared his own personal experience regarding addiction and encouraged people to seek help. 

These Instagram social media influencers have contributed immensely to helping people recover from the traumatic experiences they face going through substance abuse addiction. They’ve encouraged people to seek recovery for substance abuse and have normalized the idea of approaching sobriety by sharing their own experiences. 

7. Amy Dresner @amydresner  

Amy Dresner was also a victim of substance abuse and wrote a memoir called: “My Fair Junkie,” in which she talks about her drug addiction. She shared her experience and used her platform to connect with people who went through similar experiences.  

Dresner liked connecting with people and wanted to help them by making them feel understood.  

She even followed some of her followers back and considered herself someone who takes herself lightly and considers humor as an effective coping mechanism. 

Amy frequently hosts sobriety meetings on @theluckiestclub and co-hosts a podcast with Joe Shrank called Rehab Confidential.